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Baptists decide to reach out to resistant Hindus after The Elijah Challenge

Praise the Lord for His grace upon the work of our hands. We thank God for enabling us to reach a needy place like Dhenkanal. We heard that it was one of the areas least evangelized by the Canadian Baptists while they were there many years ago. According the census …

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Preaching the gospel & healing the sick (cf. Luke 10:9) in the open-air in America

“We [my wife, son, daughter, and I] conducted an evangelistic outreach event at the Friday After Five Music event in Cumberland Maryland.  The evening started with a huge rain storm complete with thunder, lighting and very heavy rain.  Our entire family stood on the back porch of our house and …

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Woman with heart condition in Malaysia runs and runs

City of Miri, State of Sarawak, Malaysia August 2013 The Elijah Challenge Training here appears to have been very fruitful. On Saturday evening and Sunday evening we conducted evangelistic healing rallies where the Lord healed many as the newly-trained disciples ministered to them. On both nights lines of people who …

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