The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

July 2011
Sao Bernardo, Sao PauloNew Testament miraculous healing 
Sao Bernardo, Sao PauloBlind eye with no pupil sees
Sao Bernardo, Sao PauloChild’s body twisted since birth straightens out during Visitation of God 
August 2010
Juiz de Fora 800 – 900 gather every Wednesday for prayer
Rio de JaneiroBaptist pastor reports New Testament miracles after Basic Training 
SorocabaMiraculous healings confirm message of repentance
Presidente PrudenteGod touches people with heart disease not present at meeting
July 2010
Juareizo do Norte, Ceará1,920 people healed over 5 afternoons
January 2009
OsascoVisitation of God, Santa CruzCornelio ProcopioMaringá
June 2008Valley of Blessing (

Unusual miracle of deliverance in Brazil

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil   The town of Bofete (about 10,000 in population according to 2010 census) is nestled in the hills of western Sao Paulo State. Roman Catholicism, mixed with heavy dose of idolatry, is strong there. Discrimination by Catholics against evangelicals is evident. We were told that one …

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