The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

July 2011
Sao Bernardo, Sao PauloNew Testament miraculous healing 
Sao Bernardo, Sao PauloBlind eye with no pupil sees
Sao Bernardo, Sao PauloChild’s body twisted since birth straightens out during Visitation of God 
August 2010
Juiz de Fora 800 – 900 gather every Wednesday for prayer
Rio de JaneiroBaptist pastor reports New Testament miracles after Basic Training 
SorocabaMiraculous healings confirm message of repentance
Presidente PrudenteGod touches people with heart disease not present at meeting
July 2010
Juareizo do Norte, Ceará1,920 people healed over 5 afternoons
January 2009
OsascoVisitation of God, Santa CruzCornelio ProcopioMaringá
June 2008Valley of Blessing (

An Emergency Room Doctor’s wife testifies

By Veronica “We want to share a testimony: today, we decided to minister healing to our maid, who was feeling a lot of headaches, cramps and chest pains. We ministered healing as you taught us and she felt strong heat in the regions where we had laid our hands. Cramps and pain in her chest stopped at the first time, and the headache ceased completely after the third time ministering healing. We were very happy to be able to experience the grace …

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Breast cancer healed at a distance

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil   This testimony was received from a sister named Eliana I. in Sao Paulo, Brazil where The Elijah Challenge was taught at Igreja Batista do Povo in April 2012.   “Beloved IBP (People’s Baptist Church), it is with joy that I send you this email. A friend of mine told me by e-mail, on April 2, that his mother …

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600+ disciples go door-to-door & to the streets preaching the gospel; 1,920 healed & 1,440 accept Christ in one week

The Elijah Challenge in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceara & Visitação de DeusJuly 2010 Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil   Juazeiro do Norte, the 2nd most idolatrous city in Brazil, is located in Ceará, a state in northeast Brazil — the largest country in South America in terms of area, population, and economy. It has the …

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