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Medical test shows collapsed lung miraculously re-inflated

How the gifts of the Spirit can work together with power & authority Sister Jane was suffering from cancer which caused one of her lungs to collapse. Her condition was precarious. Her loving husband convened a prayer meeting for her at the home of their daughter. Her voice was weak, …

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Blind woman in Brazil healed after prayer

Many healed as Sister Alba Lopez teaches The Elijah Challenge in Brazil I ministered to her through whatsapp to sister Giane before her surgery along with our prayer group – Deborah’s prayer group which consists of women praying for their children. We are 50 mothers in one group and there …

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Healed from obsessive-compulsive eating disorder in Jesus’ name

“I was inflicted with a horrible obsessive compulsive eating…an addiction, uncontrollable. I would crave for food of any kind, stuff myself uncontrollably and afterwards, even sometimes make myself throw up. You probably don’t remember but I asked you to pray over me. If I can remember correctly, you commanded this demon …

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