“My Journey to Wellness and Healing” by Susan Morawietz

When Susan first came to The Elijah Challenge Training in September 2014 held in Texas, she was unable to walk normally because of a nerve disorder. She would shuffle along as she walked. Rugs and carpets would be a challenge to her since they could cause her to trip and …

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“For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse….”

  Received on August 12, 2015 “Please pray for me. I am in Zimbabwe. Name is Ruby [not her real name]. For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse. Suffering also diabetes. Please help with urgent prayer for healing.”   That same day we wrote our trained co-workers Shar & …

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Symptoms of arrhythmia, COPD & emphysema disappear during ministry over the telephone

a  m m m Anthony wrote: “I have a dear friend [Hazel], and her husband James has an arrhythmia or a heart rhythm problem. He also has COPD and emphysema.  The main issue is the heart problem as it is possible he could die at any time.”  Hazel then called us on …

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