David Diamond

Amazing Adventures of a Hospice Chaplain

Dave Diamond of Louisiana has hosted The Elijah Challenge in Louisiana on two different occasions More reports from Dave Diamond   April 7, 2012   Yesterday was amazing!  Late in the morning, I went to visit a new Hospice patient, a witty and jovial Hispanic man married to a very light skinned …

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Confessions of a Hospice Chaplain

Dave Diamond is a Hospice Chaplain in Covington, Lousiana who trained with The Elijah Challenge on three separate occasions More reports from Dave Diamond March 2012   “The healings are happening almost daily as I go about my work as a Hospice Chaplain.   First understand that I very rarely …

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A Hospice Chaplain in Louisiana

This hospice chaplain in Covington, Lousiana has both attended and hosted The Elijah Challenge FAITH AND FREEDOM MINISTRIES P.O. Box 4565, Covington, LA 70434 Gracious words of encouragement to The Elijah Challenge from this couple He equips believers in India to reach Hindus & Muslims with miraculous power Terminal congestive …

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