John Latini

Woman set free from years of severe back pain

John & Sue Ellen Latini trained with The Elijah Challenge in VirginaMarch 2013  In the picture below the woman sitting the chair had severe back pain. Her discs were out of place. I asked her sister, the woman standing at my right as I knelt in the center, to place …

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Woman healed of cystic fibrosis & other miraculous healings

John Latini attended The Elijah Challenge in February 2013 Reports from John Latini Last night (Sunday, March 17, 2013) I was invited to attend Bethel Community Church in Port Jervis, NY.  My 15-year-old son Branden was with us. Pastor Harold and Sheri Butler were leading worship and Pastor Harold was speaking …

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Healed from Bell’s Palsy at a distance

John Latini of Pennsylvania trained with The Elijah Challenge through our YouTube videos   Reports from John Latini   Robert with Bell’s Palsy in Tennessee This past Sunday, February 10 a gentleman named Robert from Tennessee posted on my Facebook wall the following:  “Hi John, it seems from your post …

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