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During these Last Days when the gospel is still unavailable to over 40% of the people on earth, we are training and sending disciples to heal the sick miraculously and preach the gospel as Jesus commanded: “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, “the kingdom of God has come near to you'” (Luke 10:9). Every two months we train twelve disciples just as Jesus trained his disciples, and then send them to unreached regions. The resulting extraordinary miracles are irrefutable and compelling evidence to gospel-resistant peoples that Jesus is the Messiah and the only way to our Heavenly Father..

The impact of The Elijah Challenge

Since its founding in 2000, the Lord has been gracious to use The Elijah Challenge to train tens of thousands of believers in nearly fifty nations on six continents to proclaim the kingdom of God effectively and fruitfully as did the early disciples in Acts. According to reports we’ve received from servants of God we’ve trained, millions have come to Christ through their ministries.

In the early 2000s we began by holding historic Evangelistic Campaigns like those in Vietnam and Egypt, but currently our work is following Scripture closely to train nameless disciples how to use His supernatural authority and power over diseases and demons in the preaching of the gospel for the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 24:14). Within the last four years alone approximately 60,000 souls have come to Christ in unreached gospel-resistant regions of India through local harvest workers we have trained and now support. By the end of 2020, 700 house churches will have been planted in India within the span of 3 years. These results will increase exponentially since every believer can and will be trained.

Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

“Are you evangelical or charismatic?” “Neither.”

If you would like to have your workers trained, we are available. We do not require any minimum honorarium. Freely we have received; freely we give.

If you are looking for a high-impact yet low-overhead ministry to support financially as part of your obedience to the Great Commission, do consider The Elijah Challenge. The Elijah Challenge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit church organization and all donations are tax deductible.  Donate

About the Founders (happily married for 45 years as of June 2019)

At the very beginning of our ministry in 1978 we spent nearly nine years preaching the gospel and making disciples in primitive unreached areas of Indonesia. When we first arrived in Indonesia, I had followed Jesus for only two years. But my experience with the Lord was such that I gave up the “American Dream” and my advanced degrees—I was within about a year of getting my Ph.D. at the University of California—to take my wife overseas to preach the gospel to those who never heard. When we left America, we had no financial support from any church, no sending mission board or agency, no training in missions, no missionary visa, and no idea how or where we were going to begin after arriving in Indonesia. We went by radical faith in the Lord who commanded us to “go.” But the Lord was faithful…