Pastor Albert Kang, Malaysia
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia



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A word of wisdom for servants of God

Pastor Albert wrote: “Your teachings have been most enlightening and balanced. I have always been skeptical about preachers who have the gift of healing but no gift of teaching. On many occasions when they teach, some of them get the theology so confusingly wrong that it becomes detrimental to the ministry. However, you are different - you are a gifted teacher with a clear message about the believers' authority to heal. Then you prove your message by your anointed action. Apart from these, you also cut out all the frills and get to the real substance." (continued below...)

"Praise God for the training that you both gave to so many servants of Christ. [We] are being blessed by so many, many miracles. Honestly, in my 25 years of ministry, I have never experienced so many miracles in such a short time."


Initial testimonies from Pastor Albert

What he said after training with The Elijah Challenge


Comatose woman healed at a distance in China

Report from Timothy Lam, trained by Albert Kang


Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in the Philippines

Mission trip team members healed & delivered


Timothy Lam's mission trip to North Thailand

Miraculous healings in Thailand after Timothy trains with Albert


Miracles in Cebu, Mindanao, and Manila

Rain was stopped in Jesus' name during outdoor evangelism


Full Gospel Church, Ipoh

Many miraculous healings at Basic Training in July 2010


Testimony of Pastor Butch Nacua in Cebu, Philippines

Miraculous healings multiplied after Elijah Challenge Training


Testimony of Assemblies of God District Superintendent Pastor Conrado Lumahan

After the Training "I have seen more miracles in few months than in 30 years as Senior Pastor."


March 18, 2010: More miracles in the Philippines

Trained believers heal the sick in Jesus the Way Church, Mindanao


March 17, 2010: Many infirmities healed in Mindanao

First healing service in Jesus the Way Church


March 15, 2010: Miraculous healings in the Philippines

Second Healing Service at Universal Church of Christ, Toledo, Cebu


March 14, 2010: Miraculous healings in the Philippines

First Healing Service at Universal Church of Christ, Toledo, Cebu


The Elijah Challenge & the Assemblies of God in the Philippines

Distric Superintendent Conrado Lumahan of the Northern Luzon District hosts the Basic Training


Miracle in coffee shop in Malaysia

Indonesian Musl__m woman healed while serving customers


Basic Training at Christ Baptist Church in Kuching

Christ Baptist Church - Second Night

Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Healing Rally

Report from sponsoring Australian Church
(scroll down to "Sarawak Mission - 4 July 2009")

The deaf heard and the lame walked at the Rally


Christian leaders healed at Haggai Institute in Hawaii

God works quietly but powerfully


Church leader from Cameroon healed at Haggai Institute

Pastor Albert ministers to Brother Abraham


The Elijah Challenge Training in Singapore

Miraculous healings multiplied at City of Truth Church


Pastor Albert Kang in Kuantan

Multiplied people healed as trained believers minister


Pastor Albert Kang in Kerteh, Terangganu

Many miraculous healings after Elijah Challenge Training


Harvest Community Church - December 14, 2008

Miraculous healings at Sunday morning service



Report II


Report III


Report IV


Final meeting


Miracles at Pastor Albert's home church


Report I: the Miracles



Second Mission Trip to Philippines, August 2007

Miraculous healing during visit with Pastor Luis Marfield



Between evangelicals & charismatics


Pastor Albert attended the Kuala Lumpur Elijah Challenge Seminar in December 2005. The Lord has used him to plant 16 churches and 3 orphanages in Asia and the USA. His first church in Singapore grew from 23 people to 1,700 within six years. Today, his ministry is based in Malaysia. He serves as a Church Growth Consultant to various churches and also conducts Church Growth Seminars. In June 2007 Pastor Albert become the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia.